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Laura Beltrán Villamizar

I love slow food, slow travel and slow journalism
Photographer and writer romanticising cities and coffee out of proportion.



World Press Photo announced the 12 young photographers who have been selected for the 21st edition of the annual World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass. The announcement was made during the Awards Days. During the six-day masterclass, to be held from 2- 8 November 2014 in Amsterdam, the participating photographers will interact with six prominent experts, discussing technical and visual aspects of their work, as well as their role as a photographer.
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The Canary Project

The Canary Projects is a research hub for artists with the goal of deepening pubic understanding of climate change. For this interview, I worked closely with the two minds behind this project, Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris. We discussed how contemporary art can be used to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues - a never-ending challenge.
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Soweto: Living with Mine Waste

In South Africa, mining has been a blessing and a curse, particularly for those who were drawn to work on gold mines since the late 1880’s and the uranium mines since the late 1940’s. Once the industry was established, gold and uranium fields were settled in Soweto (South Western Townships). Beyond basic health issues related to mine waste management, dealing with dust storms from the mines, tailings and dumps can cause long-term health issues, such as asthma, skin and lung problems. This series is about combating contaminated dust, exposure to radiation and the destruction of eco-systems in areas surrounding uranium mines and their respective dumping areas.
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Antwerp: Ambiguous City

As one of the winners of the Photo Academy Awards 2012 Serge Maes talks to Revolve about his work on Antwerp, dubbed “Ambiguous City”. This project was initially thought to be a personal project, turning into an ongoing quest for urban aesthetic spontaneity. “I take pictures that I would like to see in someone else’s exhibition, photos that I would like to find in a bookstore.”.
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Oaxaca’s greener than green

Green tourism is gaining ground in Mexico. The National Agreement for Tourism focuses on sustainable tourism and encourages environmental protection projects. In 2011, more than 7.4 million visitors travelled to 174 protected natural areas, exceeding the expected total of 6 million, according to the Mexican english newspaper, The News. In the Sierra Norte mountain range – separating the Central Valleys of northern Oaxaca in Mexico – a community of eight remote villages called the Pueblos Mancomunados are working together to develop sustainable farming and tourist guides. These Pueblos hold the history, culture and customs of the ancient Zapotec tribes and are home of Mexico’s most beautiful well-forested highlands and most astonishing nature. The Pueblos have developed a project of eco-tourism, officially organized by Expediciones Sierra Norte where tourists are given the chance to discover, cooperate with the locals and travel along trails and paths that connect the villages. The eco-touristic project of this community provides not only a glimpse into these villages and their people, but a reminder of how we belong to nature and not the other way around.
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Laura Beltrán Villamizar

Bogotá born, bred in The Hague, Buenos Aires, Brussels and Berlin, now conquering Amsterdam.

I have been trained to evolve into multimedia journalism. I'm a visual journalist who knows how to tell stories with narrative punch and nuance. Excellent narrative needs outstanding word, image and sound: three things I am passionate about.

I’m a constant explorer of the transformation of the media landscape. Which is why use the tools of my generation and the next one to engage people in all levels: the adaptability of online journalism, the amazing progress in design and innovation as well as the engaging role of social networking.

I allow for serendipity, always.



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